St. Michael the Archangel

St. Michael the Archangel

This is lengthy but good. Hold tight to understand our story and become connected to what is a real life story for us. 

I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) on my face in 2015. It consumed, ate rather, a very good portion of my mouth and cheek. Over the course of a 5 1/2 hour surgery my life and my family's life was forever changed. My once perfect mouth, lips and smile were no longer. The kiss I once shared with my husband and smooches on my sweet boys' cheeks were forever gone. 

I persevered, I overcame, I hid, I faked it, I climbed out of a few dark holes and silently drug my broken spirit around like a sad wet lost puppy. My career as a Real Estate agent in Newport Beach, California was literally now pointless. Our principal, Tim Smith, of the team I was so proud to be part of, said to me, "No matter what size, shape or looks you have, you can be very successful. It's how you apply yourself." This is a man who is a leader in Real Estate across the United States and quite possibly internationally now. I hung on to those words, tightly, but with every stare, odd comment or fake comment I slowly dropped the pieces to my broken spirit. 

I knew there had to be more for me with this nasty sentence I had been given. My husband did too. He said to me one morning that I needed to share my story with others and suggested I share it on social media. So, Burnt Freckle was born. I started to tell my story and found many others who were going through similar situations with skin cancer. Burnt Freckle became a platform for many other ideas of mine to prevent skin cancer and educate on awareness. 

The last and most passionate brain storm of mine was to create a line of SPF clothing. It is embedded in me to create a line of stylish protective clothing at a reasonable price. After meeting with many manufactures and their marketing teams it was obvious my idea was impressive and they all wanted to be a part of it but they all said the same thing, "How are you going to market your product once you have it?" Well, shit. I didn't have retail experience and I sure as hell didn't want to pay everyone to do it for me because this is my baby and I want any extra money to go towards a skin cancer awareness foundation. So I prayed. Prayed more. And then some more. 

I woke up one morning, and it came to me. My husband and I have always said there needs to be an all men's boutique in Huntington Beach. So I told him we are going to open a men's apparel boutique, and he said, "Alright!" 

Again, I prayed and prayed some more for some divine answer to say I am not a wild crazy lady with an unrealistic dream. One morning during my morning routine it came to me. St. Michael. St. Michael's and it will be amazing, great, successful, and it will be a stepping stone to my line of SPF clothing line. The calmness was almost chilling. St. Michael makes sense in this case. He is the Saint that drove the Devil out of heaven...consider cancer the devil. F*ck Cancer!

Although the purpose of St. Michael's is to gain retail experience, it will be much more than that. Just wait and see.

Please visit Burnt Freckle on Instagram to gain insight into my story, knowledge about skin cancer and how to prevent becoming a victim. A portion of every purchase made on this site will go towards skin cancer awareness or research. 

If you made it this far, thank you for reading. You are rad! 

Cheers to all! 

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